Welcome to Fatfluff! I am Katia.

I always felt like I want to create something but nothing kept me interested for too long. Discovering rug tufting was a game-changer, it was exactly what I wanted! Turns out, I was searching for a way to make something functional, something that you can touch. And the feeling of your creature living its own life at someone's home is just so beautiful, it makes me wanna cry.

I mostly do small rug of my (very hectic) design using acrylic, wool and cotton yarn. But I am definitely down for commissions! What can be better than having something no one else have? If you are interested in a commission, don't be shy! Email me at itsfatfluff@gmail.com or dm on IG, TikTok or Facebook. I also do candles and candle holders to order. Let's make something beautiful together.